5 Jan 2016

Day 1


So I started my detox on 2nd January, as we all know 1st doesn't really count as you're celebrating coming into the New Year, and I was going to eat anyting I wanted before having to abstain from fod for 10 days.

The early morning of the 2nd Jan 2016 and all I cou...

1 Jan 2016


So to start my year I've decided I want to cleanse my body of all the junk I've been eating over the past few months.


Some of you may have heard of this detox as the Beyonce diet, where she lost a good amount of weight for the Dreamgirls movie she did.

I've done this d...

The clock struck 12.  In the the words of Nina Simone, "its a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life, for me and I'm feeling good," ringing in my head.  With every end, brings a New


beginning.  It's exciting.  It's like a do over, a fresh start, turning ov...


For singers your voice is your baby. Your identity.  So when something comes along to cause it to not play ball, it can quickly become your enemy. 


This time of Year you're almost guaranteed to get a cold.  You may say "I've had the flu jab so I'm set." Yes,...

7 Dec 2015





So, I've decided to blog from time to time.  First blog ever so here goes.


Of recent people have asked me about steaming for the voice. How long to steam for?  What  to steam with?  Should you add Vicks or Olbas oils?  Can you sing after steaming?...

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