Detox Day 1-3

Day 1

A Days Supply of Dextox Elixir

So I started my detox on 2nd January, as we all know 1st doesn't really count as you're celebrating coming into the New Year, and I was going to eat anyting I wanted before having to abstain from fod for 10 days.

The early morning of the 2nd Jan 2016 and all I could think about was chocolate (shame on me). I was even dreaming about it. I woke up, made my day supply of the detox drink and went into work. Interestingly enough once I made the drink I was ok with the fact that, that was all I was going to be allowed over the next 10 days. Oh and water.

Today is a double show day, and the end of a 9 show week. Didin't really think that part through very well but then, I didn't want to put it off any longer. I wanted to get on it. Gotta put my best foot forward and get on it. So this is what I have experienced this time round on day 1. Been needing the loo more. A lot more. I guess that's because I'm drinking even more fluids than I usually do. I've thought about food but I'm ok that I can't have food.... I think? When I think about food I take a sip of the Detox Elixir - An alchemic preparation formaly believed to be capable of prolonging life, I need prolonged life. That's what I've decided to call it, don't know why - and the thought of food subsides a bit. I'm finding today, because I'm so full of liquid food thoughts are there but not as I thought they may be on day 1. Especially after Christmas (and I've never done this after Christmas). At the most I feel a little tired at the end of the day but is that because of busy Christma/New years time of year or because I've not had any food? I will find out I'm sure. Over all day 1 not bad, till tomorrow.

Day 2

Good morning headache. So this morning I have woken up with a little headache. But so far that's it. I don't feel hungry. To ease my head I get on with hydrating my self and it seems to help.

Hunger hasn't played very part in today. My headache pretty much subsided after simply drinking some water. I don't feel tired or achy or anything. Today I has been a more chilled day and relaxed than yesterday. I didn't start drinking my Detox Elixir till later on in the day.

Have I thought of food today? Yes. But again, and even more so than yesterday I'm fine. So far I'm enjoying the Detox experience and I know it's only day 2, but already I've felt a change. It feels great to not feel bloated.

Day 3

Last night I seem to get pretty congested, so I had to reach or some Breathe Right strips

Breathe Right Strips click here

to help me out. If your ever congested these strips help. As they are drug free, it's the action of the strip that aids easier breathing.

Not wearing the strip during the day so slightly congested, but not struggling to breathe. I guess, if congested it tends to be worse laying down.

I have to say I feel my body ridding of all the rubbish that I have been consuming. Today I feel a bounce in my step I feel lighter which is a nice feeling.

Shaun T Insanity Max 30 - beach body

Insanity Max 30. Yep I'm detoxing and doing insanity Max 30. And I'm feeling alright. Yay me!

Had 1 show today that was all good. So my energy levels are fine. I'm not feeling tired, this is good. woo hoo.

Only other thing I notice today was my tongue had changed colour which again is the detoxing process, so it's simply ridding of the toxins.

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